​​Kentuckiana Friends of V is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising local and national funds for cancer research while supporting cancer related initiatives, including prevention, education, and screening.



  • Funded research at Kosher Children's Hospital on why certain cancers spread more quickly in children than adults.

  • Funded research at Brown Cancer Center on detecting lung cancer through noninvasive, cost effective breathalyzer testing.

  • Helped co-sponsor a V Scholar through the V Foundation at Markey Cancer Center in Lexington.

  • Contributed to the Dick Vitale pediatric cancer research grant through the V Foundation.


Donate to a TBD research grant at Brown Cancer Center.

We will donate to the Dick Vitale pediatric research grant through the V Foundation.

We will join with Kettler Family's Foundation to contribute $25,000to specific pediatric cancer research through Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Organize and run free prostate cancer screening at Kentucky State Fair.

Donate to a TBD research grant at Markey Cancer Center.

Executive Committee



Vice President

Exec. Director

Bob Valvano, ESPN/ESPN Louisville

Norman Walker, MediaWorx

Brian Peters, Constellation Brands

John Salzman, ESPN Louisville

Board of Directors

Paul Wells, Member

Mark Neu, Member

Nick Valvano, Member

Jamie Valvano, Member

Mike Pratt, Member

Michael Shannon, Member

Jennie Rees, Member

Perrin Johnson, Member

Paul Andrews, Member

Matthew Lawrence, Member

Mike Pearce, Member


Phil Baker, Social Media Coordinator

Jason Ence, Volunteer Coordinator

Elizabeth Baltas, Website Coordinator